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video massage

video massage palmar hand reflexology

video massage palmar hand refloxology How to give a massage of the hand To employ a vegetable oil of good quality such as the grape seed or the sweet almond To start by pouring approximately half of a spoon with oil coffee on the palm of your hand, then to rub the oil surplus your two palms

video massage

Swedish massage video

The term “massage Swedish” refers to a variety of techniques specifically conceived to slacken muscles in their applying pressures against the deeper muscles and bones, and friction in the same direction as the flow of blood turning over in the middle.

video massage

Foot massage videos - How to give a massage of the feet

Techniques of the massage foot were developed the first time in China and ancient Egypt. They were developed based on a theory called the reflexology which declared that that the application of the pressure to various parts of the foot could have a significant impact on the remainder of the body.